For more than 6 years, our company has been building and renting modern houses, residential complexes and office premises almost all over the world.

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Who we are

Serenity Capital has been operating in the real estate market since 2011. We carry out a full range of works from the development of the concept of the project to the construction and assembly works, the sale or lease of the property. Using modern technologies, the best engineering equipment, the professionalism of our socialists, we are always able to solve any task positively and efficiently. The activities of our company cover such profitable countries for construction as: Japan, USA, United Kingdom, China, Spain, Greece and Germany. For all the time we have implemented more than 200 residential and commercial properties and we do not stop there! The new directions of our company are such services as valuation of real estate, assistance in buying or selling and assisting in the preparation of all necessary documents, which helps our clients to focus on other important matters for them.

Why customers choose us?


Coverage Areas

Construction in the most financially profitable countries in the world the list of which is constantly growing. Now our company is a large part of this market and we continue to develop.


Working Speed

The work is done very quickly, but not at the expense of quality. Using the most advanced construction technologies, we are ahead of all competitors.


Quality Materials

Any of our customers can be confident in the quality of materials that will be used in the construction. At the conclusion of the expensive we provide all the necessary documents and certificates confirming this.

Real estate
global leader

We do not aim to build as many square meters as possible, we try to build the best possible quality. Offering our clients the best option in the real estate market at affordable prices. We flexibly react to changes in trends for this we remain leaders!

We already built more than 250000 M2!

Each of which is built in compliance with all modern standards. Regardless of the object we are working on, whether it is a luxury villa or an ordinary country house, we fulfill our obligations in the same way. Convenience and comfort of each client is our main goal.



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Why investors choose us?


Instant Effect

You do not need to wait. All financial transactions in our system are processed instantly and do not require human intervention.


Team of professionals

Your money will be under the control of our financial experts with many years of experience in real estate.


Support 24/7

A qualified support service will gladly answer all your questions and help in any situation.

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Company News

Official Opening

Dear friends, we are happy to announce our official opening. We are here to offer users from all over the world favorable terms of cooperation with one of the largest and most actively developing companies in the real estate market.

Jun-11-2017 09:42:47 PM